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“Just because they got to the top quicker doesn’t mean they’ll be there longer” – Unknown


When my parents decided to name me Francis, little did they know they would teach me one of the greatest lessons of my life. It means to be free – a feeling that most young people chase but rarely get the chance to experience because they often wish for success more than they are willing to work for it. During my teens, I also experienced the same struggle. My life was plagued with many challenges – from peer pressure to gangs, poor grades to poverty - which continued to push me down a negative path. Despite my cool and collected demeanor, on the inside I felt frustrated, unhappy and I was searching for purpose and fulfillment. I wanted to do more than just exist, but found it very difficult to believe in myself and my dreams.


I received the push I needed once I made the choice to rise to the true definition of my name; this single decision changed my perspective and how I viewed my world. I started visualizing my ideal path and creating action plans to see it through. When I didn’t have the answers, I turned to my mentors who did. When I wanted to give up, I pushed harder, even when it hurt because I understood that I am 100% responsible for my own life.


Despite everything I’ve been through, I’ve found a place inside myself where nothing is impossible. I’ve had to develop this attitude out of urgency to change my life from negative to positive.


Today – there’s not a moment that passes by when I don’t think about my generation and many others that will follow closely behind. Speaking to audiences across Canada, I often hear their need for freedom and enlightenment. I see their future in their eyes and recognize that they all have voices that want to be heard. I get my fuel from other dreamers, believers, do-ers and big thinkers. My life’s work is dedicated to helping people both young and old, design a plan that will open the door to every possibility. But I don’t just talk a good talk, if you look back on the way I live my life and how I’ve managed my career, it is evident that I have created a blueprint for success.


Our easy-access generation has made it possible for everyone to feel entitled, famous and add a title behind their name, but what makes my speaking career unique is in the way I carry myself. My focus and attitude is unparallel to any other professional in my arena. It simply cannot be duplicated. I provide the instruments you need to counter challenges and not only thrive, but succeed in the midst of changing environments – heavy stuff. This isn’t a game, this is your life.

Here are 6 sure-fire reasons that will help you decide if I am the right person you should trust to guide and help you shape your world. 

I am educated.

Although I will always be a student of life, college taught me many great lessons that I continue to carry with me. After averaging %25 in most of my High school classes, I managed to turn that around in college, graduating with a 3.87 GPA from George Brown College.


I am celebrated by the media.

My book, The Flip, as well as my personal brand has received coverage from highly respected networks such as The Toronto Star, Share Newspaper, CBC News, Canadian Immigrant Magazine, and more.


I am the recipient of over twenty prestigious Canadian Awards

It’s been an honor to be recognized by coveted awards such as Canada’s Immigrant Award, the 2013 Young Black and Gifted Award, the 2014 Ghanaian Canadian Community Service Award and more.


I am a critically acclaimed author.

My book, The Flip, is written for audiences worldwide. It is a candid story about my journey immigrating from Kumasi, Ghana to Canada under the care of a single-parent and fourteen siblings. Despite many struggles – from peer pressure to gangs, poor grades to poverty – I overcame and conquered.


I have spoken in front of thousands
of people.

In the last 5 years I’ve experienced many things, but nothing beats the feeling I get when I speak to an audience. I enjoy using my platform to educate and inspire.


I am committed.

Your success is my success. My promise to you is to always keep it real with you and do everything in my power to help you design the life you want. 



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