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“What should I do with my life?”

The big question you’ve asked yourself over and over hoping to discover the answer, but it has yet to appear. The answer to this question has the power to transform your life and create a new journey, yet you cannot decide. You’ve created a mental rolodex of inspiration and information collected - you’ve attended conferences, listened to motivational mixtapes, you have a stack of worn out notebooks filled with advice and favorite quotes, yet nothing has stuck. Today, you are still in the same spot that you were a year ago with very little progress.


What I have learned over the years is that if you are determined to win then you have to surround yourself with winners. I only play with CEO’s, masterminds, entrepreneurs and other dream-chasers. Your network should be filled with do-ers, believers, big thinkers and those who can uplift you.


You can write a million notes, you can create a million vision boards, but if you don’t truly feel what you want to experience, it will never manifest into form.


So, here’s your invitation to stop:

  • Doubting yourself and listening to your inner critic

  • Warming the bench, watching and comparing yourself to others while everyone else is already playing / living out their dreams

  • Sitting on your gifts, talents and skills because you are unsure of what they are and if they are good enough

  • Procrastinating and making “what you should do” an option

  • Living for others; seeking the approval of friends, family, etc. and living by their wants for your life instead of what you truly desire

  • Building someone else’s dream and start working on yours


Think of me as your friend, accountability partner and creative collaborator who will assist you in reaching new heights.


Add me to your winning circle and you will leave this mastermind session with:

  • A clear direction of your purpose and a narrow focus of how to get started

  • An understanding of the blocks and challenges that are holding you back

  • Recommended action steps

  • Renewed motivation and confidence to be more focused and productive

  • Tips and strategies for better decision making


Give yourself permission to do things different this year; to be different.

You deserve it.

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