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I speak on topics related to youth, mental health, education, carer development and relationship building. My objective is to exceed your expectations and facilitate an outcome which will cultivate personal growth. By designing coping technique workshops, I’m able to create a safe and engaging environment for youth and adults to talk candidly and learn how to combat bullying, gangs, peer pressure, and addiction.  Sometimes the pain we experience in life is not always physical. For many of us, the biggest barriers are in our minds. My talks are focused around decision making. It’s not your talents and abilities, but your choices that ultimately decide your fate. All the choices that you’ve made in your lifetime have brought you to this point. The real question is, where do you want to go next?


Types of Presentations: Keynotes, Live Talks, TV Spots, Interviews, Conferences, Graduations, Retreats, Business Panels, Seminars and Workshops


Commonly requested workshops:


The Flip

Some of us are born into dark circumstances and have been conditioned to think that life will never improve. We become frustrated and often angry when difficulty or struggle shows up in our lives and run the risk of missing powerful lessons. In this presentation I will draw from personal experiences in my book, The Flip, to illustrate the significance of positive thinking and why it is the single most important tool needed to change your life.


Guaranteed A+

I almost didn’t graduate High school; averaging 25% in my classes. At a point of desperation, I realized if I didn’t change my habits, I would not only fail my parents, but most importantly myself. But no matter how difficult we think the problem is, we must muster up the courage to face it – and that’s exactly what I did. In college I created a four step system which helped me graduate at the top of my class with a 3.87 GPA. In this presentation students will learn my very simple formula which will improve their grades and maximize productivity.


  1. Preparation

  2. Positive Influences

  3. Seeking help

  4. Balance


From The Hood to Hollywood

It is not easy to see the bright side of a difficult situation – until someone guides and shows you the way. This unique program offers students a chance to see what is possible by teaching them success secrets every young adult should know. From creating a resume to networking, from building a brand to dressing for success; this course equips students with professional skills so they can confidently navigate their careers and pursue bold, brilliant ideas.


Dream Chasers

People create goals but they often end up abandoned because our thought process is cluttered with too many distractions. In this presentation I share effective goal setting strategies that will give you the confidence to give your dreams a chance. The quality of your vision drives the quality of your life. We will work together to review, revise and breakdown your career objectives.


Kids will be kids

Think back to your childhood; a time when you saw the world through a different lens and dreamed in full color. Sadly, many parents have lost that sense of wonder and forget what it’s like to be young again. Coming from a family of fourteen siblings, I understand what works and what doesn’t. In this talk, I will share the real reason your teen is shutting you out and the powerful message every child needs to hear.



Instead of succumbing to enormous peer pressure and giving into the challenge of being an immigrant amongst so much social and economic strife, Francis graduated from college with a 3.87GPA” 


- (2013) The Will to Win by Robert Herjavec from CBC’s ‘The Dragon’s Den’

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