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Instead of succumbing to enormous peer pressure and giving into the challenge of being an immigrant amongst so much social and economic strife, Francis graduated from college with a 3.87GPA "


- (2013) The Will to Win by Robert Herjavec from CBC’s ‘The Dragon’s Den’

He does great work"


- Matt Galloway,

CBC Metro Morning

But what sets him apart from the rest is that he has truly learned from his mistakes and is teaching others how to do the same"


- Fannie Sunshine,

Toronto News, Reporter

He lost 10 friends to violence but turned his own life around"


- Valerie Hauch,
The Toronto Star, Reporter

He was getting 25% in high school [but he found] He has a purpose to work with young people and help them overcome obstacles” 


- Ron Fanfair, Share Newspaper, Reporter

He is making a difference”


- Debbie Lightle-Quan, CBC News

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